ASEE Launches New Data Science Initiative

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Eva Miller  
Editorial Director     


Washington, D.C. – October 4, 2023 

In response to growing interest in data science and analytics as a research field, ASEE has created a new Data Science and Analytics (DSA) Constituent Committee. The goal: to build and support member interest in data science and analytics as it relates to engineering research and education. 

The demand for these skills is higher than ever among employers; the US Bureau of Labor Statistics currently predicts that the field of data science and analytics will grow more than 20% by 2030. AI, ChatGPT, digital twinning, and quantum computing are just a handful of the emerging technologies that rely upon exceptionally large datasets and complex analytical tools.  

ASEE voted to create the Constituent Committee at its June 2023 Annual Conference in Baltimore. Over the next year, the committee will engage ASEE members on the importance of data science and analytics to the future of engineering education. Member interest will determine whether this new Constituent Committee will initiate the process of becoming an ASEE Division.  

As the creators wrote in their petition to the Board, “Data science and analytics is essential for ASEE, offering the tools and techniques needed to analyze complex data, enhance pedagogy of engineering education, improve research outcomes, make informed decisions, and stay competitive in a rapidly changing education and business landscape.” 

Individuals interested in joining the Data Science and Analytics Constituent Committee should contact Ilya Grinberg ( for more information.   

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