Ways to Connect in 2024

On December 31, 2023, the ASEE Hub discussion platform will be discontinued. But the Society will still offer numerous ways for members to chat, learn, network, and collaborate.    

In addition to the huge variety of in-person learning and networking opportunities at the Society’s Annual Conference each June, ASEE offers a multitude of other conferences and meetings with specific focuses throughout the year.   

From the comfort of home or office, ASEE members also can access an array of Division and Section websites and listservs (See below for listserv instructions).   

Additional resources are available at the links below:   

  1. ASEE communities (Sections, Zones, Divisions, and other groups):  

  2. Email addresses for ASEE functions:  

  3. Job ads/classifieds, for institutions or organizations:  

  4. Job ads/classifieds, for applicants:  

  5. Learning opportunities: 

  6. Membership information: or email 

  7. Member directories:

  8. Social media:  

  9. Volunteer opportunities:   

To Receive Listserv Announcements:  

Log in to your account   
  1. Confirm you’ve designated a primary email address on your ASEE profile. Go to Profile > Account > Contact Info > Email Addresses > Edit (next to appropriate email address) > Select “Save as Primary” > Save. 
  2. Review your electronic communication preferences under Profile > Account > Personal Information (near the end of the webpage). Click Save at the end of the webpage to save any edits.   
  3. Confirm that you are a member of the group.  
  • Division listserv — is your division membership active?   

  • Section listserv — is your mailing address on your email account complete? (ASEE assigns you to a section based on that information.)  

  1. If those conditions are met, and you’re not receiving listserv announcements, you should:  

  • Check your spam filters.   

  • Ask your IT team to review your organization’s universal filters.   

  1. If you’re still not receiving listserv announcements after doing all the above, you must designate a new primary email address; see #1 above.