Prism Magazine Earns More than a Dozen Awards for Editorial Excellence

Press Contact:
Rafael Gerena
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Washington, DC – December 15, 2022
Prism magazine, a general-interest engineering and teaching publication from the American Society for Engineering Education, has earned 13 awards this year for its design, infographics, and in-depth reporting. The awarded topics range from integrating indigenous ethics into engineering classrooms to an intimate look out the viewing window of the International Space Station. The awarding institutions also recognized Prism’s empathetic takes on reaching neurodivergent engineering students and the disproportionate burden of teaching in COVID-19 borne by female faculty.

The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts presented seven Communicator Awards of Excellence in design and feature writing, the highest honor offered, and three Awards of Distinction. The Communicator Awards is among the largest international competitions “dedicated to recognizing excellence, effectiveness, and innovation across all areas of communication.” The APEX Awards for Publication Excellence, which recognizes “corporate and nonprofit publishers, editors, writers and designers who create print, Web, electronic, and social media,” presented two awards to Prism, one each for design and feature writing. Finally, the Association Media and Publishing Network (AM&P), presented a coveted bronze EXCEL award for Prism’s coverage about the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant’s recovery. “Prism has a long history of industry recognition,” says ASEE’s Editorial Director Eva Miller. “I attribute that to the extremely talented designers, writers, and editors who have contributed to the magazine’s production.” Prism looks forward to providing more award-winning coverage of engineering and engineering education into 2023 and beyond.

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